A major art material company, Maruman's series of sketchbook-cover design celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.
Its series of sketchbook-cover design are popular for a wide range of customers from students to professional creators.

"Maruman" and a fashion-brand, "Theater 8" collaborate in commemoration of it and have opened an enriched website including interviews of various celebrities' dreams.
Its main theme is to inform an importance of having a dream.

This campaign is enhanced not only the sketchbooks but also improving a wide recognition of a company name brand, "Maruman' beyond the stationary level.

This campaign site has a full of interesting contents to enjoy and participate such as creating your own designed T-shirt or your original design of sketchbook-cover and we will merchandise them.

Accessing to this site and participating a various experiences about dream will lead you the importance of having or picturing a dream.
We hope this special site brings you to the starting point of sketching your dream.
This whole website is imaged and created to feel a dream of world view with no nationality by the illustration and the collage as if you were got out of sketchbook and strolling somewhere a town you are familiar with.
We have tried to inform the importance of sketching a dream by visiting each link content and experiencing a various things concerning dreams.
Your dream hero contest when you were child was opened in this website.
The work of the contest winner has actually been commercialized as a cover of Maruman's sketchbook and is on the market.
A original T-shirt contest subjected a dream, is also linked in this website.
The winner of the contest's original T-shirt has commercialized and is on sale with a sketchbook
You are able to view the videos of a various celebrities talking about their dreams.
The interviews of famous celebrities who succeeded his/her dreams came true.
The link learning about Maruman's 50th Anniversary.
The game link: comparing 2 pictures and find out incorrect 3 parts from them
and win downloading nice background wallpaper for your computer screen.